Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chandeliers with a twist

Today I am loving chandeliers. This quirky number is from graham and green. I have to say it's these sorts of things that I look at and think 'yeh sure I could make that'...but I think in theory I think it would be quite hard!

SCP have designed this beauty. I love the idea of having my own random bits of paper to attached to a light. 

Check out these beauties from Madeleine Boulesteix (I'm a big fan of hers)

and finally I love this feather chandelier from Haldane Martin. There is something so decadent about it. (I am turning a blind eye to the dusting scenario though).

I sometimes think chandeliers have a bad reputation and just conjure up images of cut glass and fake candlesticks. Did you spot anything you like? 

Images / Haldane Martin via The Modern Home / House to Home / Madeleine Boulesteix

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