Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Some Foodie Shots - Vintage Easter

Today I finally got round to learning (or at least starting to learn!) how my camera works. I did some Easter inspired foodie shots. I was so focused on the camera aperture, white balance etc (the mind boggles) that I found it quite difficult to keep an eye on the styling - there are definitely things that I would have changed. But anyway it's a start and I hope you like them :)


  1. Lovely colours & combination. Wouldn't mind trying out those Easter eggs at all...

  2. Thanks Laura :) Yes a few of them may have gone missing during the shoot...

  3. Gorgeous styling Rebecca - my favourite is the lined up overhead one, it's a really unusual way to style such soft/pretty things in a really graphic way. I have pinned you on pinterest!

  4. Delicious looking yumminess, making me crave Easter already. I love your eye, the camera stuff can all be picked up along the way--trust me, I am the only one who ever finished film school without learning to load a camera!

    xo mary jo


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