Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Scabious flowers

It's been a bit of a crazy busy month for me but I thought I would drop in to say hello! I've been busy working on a Christmas marketing campaign for a toiletries company which will be appearing in pretty much all the monthly and weekly glossies in the run up to Christmas so exciting stuff! I've also been working on a couple of projects for some big marketing companies along with an editorial shoot which will be out next year. Today was my first day off in a long time so I've been busy sorting out all my props and catching up with everything!

I thought I would share the image above of Scabious flowers which are definitely my flower of the month!

pssstt - I've finally setup a work facebook account so please feel free to 'friend' me :)

Styling - Rebecca Newport


  1. that looks beautiful

    and it's great that you're busy working. You'll share some of your work with us, won't you? ;-)

  2. Thanks Lisa and of course I will :) Just waiting for it to all get published...Hope you are well x


Thankyou for your comments :)


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