Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vintage Floral Wedding Shoot

Do you remember back in July I blogged about some of my work in Wedding Magazine? Well I thought you might like to see the rest of the shoot.

The flowers were provided by Scarlet and Violet and I love their wildflower vintage look.  

Betsy the dog stole the show!

The gorgeous venue was the private members club Blacks in Soho, London.

Photography: Brett Symes
Props Styling: Rebecca Newport 
Fashion Styling: Natalie Dale 
Hair: Lyndsey Harrison
Makeup: Tora Young


  1. This is beautiful!
    Can I have the dog?

    Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  2. Aw, beautiful stuff as ever, Rebecca. I love Blacks so much - I've drunk many very happy bloody mary's in there. About to paint a wall in Downpipe. On a whim, of course! These are such a beautiful group of images, so warm and rich. Love the blog and going to pop you onto my daily google reader so I can keep up to date. Will now go and add you on twitter too xx


Thankyou for your comments :)


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